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The Tillicum

The Tillicum

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Hold onto your sea hats and get ready to dive into a sea of culinary creativity with our fin-tastic Tillicum Cutting / Serving Board! This spectacular board is shaped like none other than the ocean's rock star, the majestic killer whale. It's like bringing a slice of the big blue to your dining table – minus the seaweed salad!

Measuring approximately 15" by 15", this oceanic masterpiece is as roomy as a whale's heart, providing ample space to display your aquatic appetizers, savory snacks, and ocean-inspired delicacies. You'll have your guests krillin' it with compliments.

Now, let's talk about the materials that make this board flipper-fantastic! We've combined the dark walnut wood's strong, dependable nature with the maple inlay's meticulous detailing – think of it as the dynamic duo of the culinary world. The result? A serving board that's as sturdy as a sailor and as charming as a pod of dolphins.

And speaking of charming, those maple inlay details are like the icing on the ocean cake. They highlight the orca's iconic black and white look, ensuring your snacks are surrounded by pure cetacean elegance. It's almost as if this board is saying, "Whale, hello there, snacks! Take your positions and prepare to be devoured!"

So, why settle for a boring old serving platter when you can have a Whaley Awesome Orca Whale Serving Board that brings the laughs, the style, and the marine magic? Get ready to sail into the waters of culinary creativity and serve up a tidal wave of deliciousness – order yours today and let the oceanic festivities begin.

Measures 15" by 15"(approx)

Finished with food safe mineral oil and beeswax for a natural satin shine.
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