August 2023: Crafting Memories in Wood

August 2023: Crafting Memories in Wood

A Touch of Summer in Walnut and Maple

This past summer, we decided to infuse some sunshine and creativity into our projects. We combined the rich tones of walnut with the inviting allure of maple to create a set of Summer-themed trays. We might have been fashionably late to the summer party, but bouy, did we have a blast crafting these beauties!

Find the whole collection in our new Summer section!

More than Woodworking: Crafting Our Home

Our journey extends beyond crafting trays; it's also about making our house a home. Two years into our move, we're still working on perfecting our space. Bjorn took on the task of creating much-needed wood storage, and shelving for totes full of offseason stuff.

But he didn't stop at shelving. Bjorn also also transformed an area within our woodshop into a dedicated space for Merina's jewelry-making adventures. This space needed to remain pristine and sawdust-free, a challenge in a woodshop, but Bjorn's ingenuity made it possible.

Personal Touches That Matter

One of the most heartwarming aspects of our journey is looking back at the custom barbell weight plate trays we've created. These trays have played a special role in announcing wedding table scapes and announcing the arrival of new babies. It's incredibly fulfilling to know that our craftsmanship has become a part of our customers' cherished memories.

With warmth and sawdust-covered smiles,
Merina and Bjorn


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