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Game Day

Game Day

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Prepare to take your culinary game to the end zone with our "Game Day" Walnut and Maple Football Cutting & Serving Board. This unique piece combines craftsmanship, creativity, and a love for the game to bring a touch of sporty sophistication to your kitchen and dining experiences.

Three Sizes to Tackle Every Task:

  • Small (Measures 11" x 6"): The small-sized football board is perfect for quick meal prep, slicing, and dicing. It's a versatile choice that fits seamlessly into any kitchen, making it an essential tool for everyday cooking.
  • Medium (Measures 14" x 8.5"): The medium-sized board offers more space for your culinary creations. It's ideal for showcasing your favorite game day snacks or preparing meals with a touch of football flair.
  • Large (Measures 18" x 11.5"): The large-sized football board is the MVP of your kitchen. It provides ample space for hosting game day gatherings, presenting a grand array of dishes, from appetizers to hearty spreads.

Walnut and Maple: A Winning Combination: Crafted from premium walnut and maple wood, this football-shaped board showcases the beauty of natural materials. The rich walnut creates the football's classic brown exterior, while the white maple inlays add authenticity and character. It's more than a cutting board; it's a work of art that complements your culinary endeavours.

From Prep to Presentation: The "Gridiron Gourmet" board isn't just for slicing and dicing; it's also a sensational serving board. Whether you're hosting a game day party, tailgating with friends, or simply celebrating your love for football, this board elevates your presentation to championship levels.

Durable and Eye-Catching: Designed for both practicality and aesthetics, this board is as durable as it is eye-catching. The thickness of the board ensures stability and longevity, while the football design adds a touch of sporty elegance to your culinary endeavours.

Whether you're a die-hard football fan or a culinary enthusiast, the "Gridiron Gourmet" Walnut and Maple Football Cutting & Serving Board is a must-have addition to your kitchen. It's more than a cutting board; it's a statement piece that reflects your passion for the game and your love for flavourful creations.

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